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Sep 15, 2016
The Bell Policy Center identifies, researches and advocates for the ideas that build and sustain economic opportunity in Colorado. Each election cycle, we examine the statewide ballot measures and make recommendations based on the values that drive our work.  


Sep 26, 2016
Tonight’s presidential debate topics include “America’s direction” and “achieving prosperity.” These are the kind of topics that drive our work at the Bell Policy Center, where we believe that expanding economic opportunity is an essential discussion.Tonight’s debate starts at 7 p.m. Mountain Time....
Sep 26, 2016
This week is National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week in the United States. As the Commission on Adult Basic Education explains, the celebration is a time for raising awareness of the need for, and value of, adult education and literacy in improving the lives of millions of...
Sep 22, 2016
Happy National Centenarians Day! Today we celebrate people age 100 and older. According to the Colorado State Demography Office, our centenarian population is projected to grow from approximately 900 residents in 2015 to 2,400 by the year 2030. That’s roughly the population of Telluride. While it represents only a fraction of a percentage of the...
Sep 21, 2016
Data released by the attorney general of Colorado revealed that while Colorado has made progress, problems with payday lending continue—and by some measures are getting worse
Sep 21, 2016
recent article on statistical analysis website FiveThirtyEight reinforced an important message about rising college tui...