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Sep 19, 2017
A federal judge in Texas recently struck down the Obama administ...


Sep 5, 2017
Earning a post-secondary credential has significant positive outcomes for economic well-being and opportunity later in life, among these is homeownership. But ...
Sep 7, 2017
With Labor Day in our rearview mirror, now is the perfect time to look back on what Colorado has done to help increase wage transparency and compensation for Coloradans. This year, two bipartisan pay transparency changes were made to Colorado law, empowering workers to challenge wage inequities and illegal employe...
Aug 25, 2017
At the Bell, we’re always on the lookout for innovative solutions that foster two-generation strategies and address economic inequality. So, when we heard about the work being done at...
Aug 18, 2017
As part of our research on the levers driving economic opportunity, we're examining the effect of automation and artificial intelligence on jobs in Colorado. Some technologists and economists argue “robots” will...