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May 4, 2016
The House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee killed Senate Bill 16-185 today on a 5-4 vote. We are thrilled that legislators chose to support hard-working Coloradans over highly profitable lenders. All of the legislators and advocates who stood up against this bill prevented Coloradans from ...


May 4, 2016
Today the House passed (35-30) our priority bill that would allow Coloradans to directly deposit portions of their state income tax refunds into multiple accounts, helping families build wealth. The bill, House Bill 16-1371...
Apr 18, 2016
• Almost half of Colorado’s private-sector workers are not offered a retirement savings plan at work. • That leaves 753,972 Coloradans without access to the easiest and best way to save. Introduction In 2014, the Bell Policy Center released a report, Retirement at Risk, that used 2011-2013 data to show the extent to which Colorado workers ha...
Apr 5, 2016
Allowing Coloradans to split their state income tax refunds among several accounts would enable families to save while meeting immediate needs. Coloradans could directly deposit part of their refunds in a 529 college savings account, helping increase the opportunities for students from low- to moderate-income families to attend and graduate fr...