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Aug 9, 2017
Colorado’s total state budget is $29 billion. That's right; billion with a "B." That’s a big number. It’s bigger this year than it was two years ago.   All too often, Colorado’s most extreme conservatives use these oversimplified statements as if they are some kind of thunderclap in the raging debate over our state’s finances. It's a particular line of attack I call the “Big-Number Boogeyman” argument.   The Big-Num...


Aug 11, 2017
While at the NCSL Legislative Summit in Boston, I attended a session entitled, “What Happened to the American Dream?” Several of the presentation’s key takeaways will help inform our work promoting economic opportunity in Colorado. Robert Manduca...
Aug 8, 2017
I had the honor of attending and participating in an interesting event last week at the Pueblo chapter of the NAACP. Focused on predatory lending, the meeting featured research from our friends at the...
Aug 9, 2017
The sun was scorching and the peaches were ripe as Scott, Rich, and I trekked to Grand Junction to spend two days talking with community leaders, health and human services organizations, and the editorial board of the Grand Junction Sentinel.   The trip served as a ...
Aug 8, 2017
How does inequity hold us back from ensuring all Coloradans lead healthy lives?  This was the central, challenging question at the heart of this year's Colorado Health Foundation Symposium. The annual event...
Aug 1, 2017
In Colorado, 201,000 family households have female breadwinners. For 25 percent of those homes living below the poverty level, every penny counts, especially the ones women miss out on...