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Aug 11, 2016
Its official – the initiative to raise Colorado’s minimum wage to $12 by 2020 will be on the November ballot. Our state’s families, economy and businesses all stand to benefit if Colorado voters approve this smart and fair increase. In late July, Colorado Families for a Fair Wage turned in almost 200,000 signatures to raise the wage to $12 by 2020. Today, the...


Aug 5, 2016
Dear friends, It is as exciting as it is humbling to assume the role of president of the Bell Policy Center at such an important moment in the American policy debate.   If you read these emails, I imagine you do so because you care greatly about the future of the American dream — the idea that every person should have the same opportunit...
Aug 15, 2016
New Hampshire has the second oldest population in the country, and is now facing an aging “crisis,” according to New Hampshire state Senator Sharon Carson. The state is one of the first to be affected by an aging baby b...
Aug 9, 2016
Dear Elizabeth, What does building opportunity mean to you?  “As a first-generation Coloradan, I grew up watching my parents work hard to provide my brother and me with opportunities that they could have only dreamed about,” said Duy Pham, former Bell fellow and official proponent of the minimum wage initiative, sharing t...
Jul 25, 2016
A group of small business owners, workers and supporters turned in 200,000 signatures today to put an initiative to raise the Colorado minimum wage to $12 by 2020 on the November ballot. That number is more than double the 98,492 valid signatures needed to qualify, showing overwhelming support for the measure. The Bell is one of t...
Jul 13, 2016
A critical opportunity exists to once again give consumers the right to band together to challenge corporations in court. Supreme Court rulings have allowed corporations to ban class-action lawsuits in the fine print of contracts. The rulings ...