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Jan 26, 2016
One of our priority bills this session passed the Senate today on a 25-10 vote. The Child Care Assistance Cliff Effect Pilot Program (Senate Bill 16-022) has now been introduced in the House, and we ask you to ...


Feb 4, 2016
A bill that would allow parents to take unpaid time off to attend their children's academic activities passed...
Jan 11, 2016
We're ready for action in the 2016 legislative session! As always, we will support or oppose dozens of bills, and we already plan to help lead on bills that will enhance family economic security, improve education and training, and move toward fiscal reform. We’ll need your support as we work to make Colorado a state of opportunity for all through...
Jan 6, 2016
Friend of the Bell: Since 2001 it has been my privilege to lead the Bell Policy Center, taking it from startup to one of the premier public policy organizations in Colorado. Along the way we scored major victories that expanded opportunities for the people of Colorado. Today the Bell is strong and moving forward, with a great staff, an engaged b...
Jan 8, 2016
January 8, 2016  The Honorable Cynthia Coffman, Esq.  Attorney General of the State of Colorado  Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center  1300 Broadway, 10th Floor  Denver, CO 80203  Re: Master Plan of Conversion, Total Community Options, Inc, d/b/a InnovAge  Dear Attorney General Coffman:...
Dec 30, 2015
Thank you to everyone who supported our work in 2015. Your support helped make our greatest hits of the year...