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Could Automatic Enrollment Help Colorado’s Retirement Crisis?

When confronted with complex decisions, behavioral economics tells us the natural human reaction is to procrastinate. That's where automatic enrollment comes in.

colorado wages

Growth in Colorado Wages Promising, But Questions Linger

It looks like Colorado wages finally got the memo about the state's strong economic growth and near-record low unemployment.

wage gains

A Deeper Look at Wage Gains in Colorado

New data show wage gains in Colorado are on the rise, but we have a lot of work to do to ensure economic growth is shared more broadly among all Coloradans.

two-gen bills

Two-Gen Bills: What Did & Did Not Pass During 2018 Legislative Session

Lawmakers passed 12 of the 18 two-gen bills we highlighted, and five have already been signed into law. Bills emphasizing early childhood education, child care, and strategies to boost children’s outcomes were more successful than those primarily focusing on parents.  

colorado wages

New Data Shows Colorado Wages Struggle to Keep Pace with Inflation 

On the surface, Colorado wages may seem rosy, but a closer look at the numbers shows there’s a lot more work to do. 

retirement in colorado

If Oregon Can Help Workers Save for Retirement, So Can Colorado

As Oregon leads the way, Colorado should take note: Our state's retirement crisis is a problem we can solve if we work together to find solutions.

Reform of Overtime Rules Blocked

This means fewer salary workers will be paid overtime for the work they do beyond 40 hours per week, making it harder for lower- and moderate-income workers to get ahead.

Robots: Where They Are & What To Know

A recent Denver Post article points to the role robots play in Colorado and poses an important question as we move toward an age of automation: Will robots replace us?

Will Self-Driving Cars Kill Colorado Jobs?

As more automated vehicles hit the road, what does this mean for those who drive for a living? 

Financial Protection and Empowerment

CFPB Forced Arbitration Rule Protects Consumers

Without the CFPB forced arbitration rule, power will remain with big banks and Wall Street. With it, the CFPB rule will hold bad actors accountable and send a strong signal to other firms to not follow suit.