Articles: A user???s guide to the state budget process, Accountability Tour starts Saturday in Longmont, Update on Rainy Day Fund bills, JBC sets up textbook case for Ref C spending, Guest Commentary: Adjust the state???s spending limit
JBC starts budget process $30 million in the hole, Club 20 focuses on a fiscal fix, News analysis: Taking the initiative in Colorado, Denver Chamber: Colorado low on taxes, higher ed funding
Articles: Bell recommends opportunity agenda for JBC spending decisions, Revenue projections show continued growth, States??? Earned Income Tax Credits give low-income families tax relief, Texas comptroller: Undocumented immigrants a net benefit to the state, Northern Colorado job growth to increase in 2007, Ritter names Marcy Morrison new state insurance commissioner
Articles: Wade Buchanan on Colorado???s 2006 election results, Colorado gives low-wage workers a raise, Minimum wage measures pass in five other states, Colorado voters see through 65 Percent gimmick, Voters turn down Petition Rights Amendment, Colorado scraps attempt at judicial term limits, Ref. I and Amendment 43 results show challenges ahead, TABOR rejected in Maine, Nebraska and Oregon, Bell promotes Vote Early Denver campaign
Mar 21, 2007
Articles: Legislative Council releases Ref C spending report, The cost of enforcing Colorado???s new immigration laws, Sharpen your pencils, it???s state budgeting time again
Articles: Ballot count on TABOR measures down to three states, Budget impacts differ dramatically for two 65 Percent Solution ballot measures, Amendment 39 and Referendum J, Minnesota mulls mandatory percentage school spending plan: Is third time the charm or three strikes and you???re out?, Colorado???s economic future: three votes for continued growth, one for recession
Mar 21, 2007
Articles: HEAT ballot measure would undercut Referendum C, Fulcrum publishes Young???s book on TABOR in Colorado, Budget Watch takes the summer off
Mar 21, 2007
Articles: Legislature considers selling tobacco bonds to save for a rainy day, 15 states consider TABOR measures, Twin studies debunk TABOR???s benefits to Colorado economy
Mar 20, 2007
Now more than ever, Colorado needs the Bell ??? a champion for faithful state spending, improving self-sufficiency, affordable colleges and universities, strong schools, accessible health care, good jobs and more. The Bell has shown Colorado needs a progressive research and advocacy organization, and has proven its ability to meet that need.
Mar 16, 2007
This special flyer distributed at the Health Care Day of Action event at the state Capitol summarizes issues Colorado residents and employers face in paying the growing costs of health care coverage. It also lists the sponsors of the event and has a cartoon depicting the health care coverage crisis.