Restoring Trust in Public Sector | The Bell Policy Center

The Bell Policy Center is working to rebuild Coloradans’ understanding of the public sector’s central role in helping families reach for the American Dream. Colorado’s public sector is an essential partner in creating conditions that foster opportunity, but a significant barrier exists:

  • Distrust of government. Historically high negative perceptions make restoring trust in the public sector very difficult.

Overcoming this obstacle will be no small task; it cannot be done overnight, it cannot be done with simplistic sound bites, and it cannot be done by ignoring or whitewashing inefficiencies or past failures. 

Current priorities:

  • Broadcast the role of the public sector. Remind Coloradans of the indispensible role the public sector has played in building our state and securing opportunity for previous generations, as well as ourselves. 
  • Highlight our job as citizens. Remind Coloradans that our job as citizens is to maximize opportunities for our children and their children and that the public sector is an essential partner in that task.
  • Lead national project to improve perception. The Bell will lead Colorado’s participation in a national project to improve public understanding of and support for the work of the public sector. We will help develop effective messaging, conduct outreach and public education, and set a long-term strategy — all of which will allow us to lead a sustained, statewide effort to rebuild support for public-sector solutions.


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