Long-Term Strategy on Aging | The Bell Policy Center

The Bell Policy Center is at the forefront of the effort to address the challenges of Colorado’s rapidly aging population. Our goal is to improve quality of life, protect family integrity and financial security, and hold down costs to the public and private sector by preparing for:

  • Unprecedented demographic shift. Baby Boomers are now retiring, putting pressures on public services such as Medicaid, as well as on our families, businesses, workers, transportation systems, housing and much more. 

Colorado needs a comprehensive, long-term strategy to guide us through this uncharted territory. Done right, our state strategy will be a national model.

Current priority:

  • Strategy on aging. The Bell’s president is part of the executive committee for the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging, created by the Legislature and appointed by the governor in 2015. That group will recommend a state strategy by November 2016, and it will work after that to implement, evaluate and update the strategy.


Mar 29, 2017
Natalie O'Donnell Wood, a senior policy analyst with the Bell, testified on March 28 in favor of HB 17-1253, a bill that proects seniors from financial abuse. Here's her testimony: The Bell supports HB 17-1253, which amends the Colorado Securities Act to require certain financial professio...
Mar 29, 2017
When we visualize the face of the national student loan debt crisis, we tend to think of people in their 20s and 30s struggling to start careers, families, and build a better future. But increasingly, the face of unmanageable student loan debt is also that of retirement-age Americans. While some older borrowers have student loan debts from their ow...
Jan 4, 2017
America faces a retirement crisis, as a substantial number of working families are not saving enough to meet their needs in retirement. Several national studies show that anywhere from half to two-thirds of working families are at risk of not being able to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living. Low-income working families are most at ris...
Dec 30, 2016
Colorado now has a framework to help Coloradans who hope to age in their communities, thanks to ...
Dec 20, 2016
The Legislature’s Joint Budget Committee received a briefing this morning projecting the amount of revenues the state will receive over the next three years.  Here are four things you need to know about the projections made by economists from th...