Family Economic Security | The Bell Policy Center

The Bell Policy Center promotes public policies that help families get ahead and stay ahead economically. Economic security for families is key to making Colorado a state of opportunity for all. Barriers to family economic security include:

  • Stagnant family incomes. Family incomes have failed to keep pace with economic growth since the late 1970s. 
  • Rising child care costs. Low- and moderate-income families face big challenges including the high cost of child care.
  • Limited education and training. More than 430,000 working-age Coloradans lack high school diplomas, preventing them from moving up and earning higher wages. 
  • Shrinking savings. More than 750,000 working Coloradans have no option to save for retirement at work. 
  • Predatory lending. Bad lending practices continue to slow the accumulation of assets by families and strip wealth from those who can least afford it.

The Bell takes on up to a half-dozen efforts at a time to enhance family economic security, and over the years we’ve helped families win some major victories. These include a higher minimum wage, a huge reduction in the cost of payday loans and a significant expansion of protections against workplace discrimination. 

Current priorities:

  • Enhance retirement savings. Develop a secure option for more workers to save for retirement.
  • Help children and their parents. Develop two-generation strategies that tie education and training opportunities for parents with early childhood education opportunities for their children.
  • Increase the minimum wage. Further increase the state minimum wage to keep pace with basic needs.
  • Stop predatory lending. Protect borrowers from a wide range of predatory lending practices.


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