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The Bell Policy Center advocates to transform postsecondary education so that all students have the opportunity for academic and workforce success. Education is a key gateway to the American dream. By 2020, almost 75 percent of jobs in Colorado will require some postsecondary credential, and that is driving more adult, nontraditional and first-generation students to seek new education and training opportunities. Barriers to access to education and training include:

  • Limited change. Many Colorado institutions are adjusting too slowly to the evolving student demographic.
  • Shrinking public funding. Per-student public funding for postsecondary education has been cut in half, leaving students and families to shoulder more of the costs. 

Without a renewed commitment to postsecondary education as a public good, many more Coloradans will find this key gateway closed to them. It is critical to the state economy and business environment, as well as to potential students and their families, that Colorado find a more sustainable and affordable approach. 

Current priorities:

  • Policies that meet varied needs. Develop tuition, aid, credit and scheduling policies that better meet the needs of a diverse student body.
  • Increased access. Expand access to education and skills training for adults that lead to family-sustaining wages.


Oct 23, 2017
We are told to work hard and to play by rules – go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a good job – in order to receive future opportunities. But what is often left out of this societal expectation is the financial burden many suffer long after graduation. In fact, 761,000 Coloradans struggle with student debt, facing an average of...
Sep 13, 2017
Dear Secretary DeVos, As you visit Colorado talking with K-12 students and their teachers, we urge you to put their interests ahead of Wall Street’s when it comes to protections against the student loan industry abuses many will face when they head off to college.   Higher education is key to helping students achieve good-paying jobs and...
Sep 5, 2017
Earning a post-secondary credential has significant positive outcomes for economic well-being and opportunity later in life, among these is homeownership. But ...
Aug 18, 2017
As part of our research on the levers driving economic opportunity, we're examining the effect of automation and artificial intelligence on jobs in Colorado. Some technologists and economists argue “robots” will...