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Jul 25, 2016
A group of small business owners, workers and supporters turned in 200,000 signatures today to put an initiative to raise the Colorado minimum wage to $12 by 2020 on the November ballot. That number is more than double the 98,492 valid signatures needed to qualify, showing overwhelming support for the measure. The Bell is one of the groups leading the campaign, called ...


Jul 19, 2016
Today we’re sharing the news that Colorado Priorities has decided not to move forward with a ballot measure that would have asked voters to invest excess revenue into critical state priorities —transportation, education, mental health and senior services. (...
Jul 19, 2016
What opportunities has change brought into your life?  We’re in the midst of an important change here at the Bell: bidding farewell to Wade Buchanan, our leader of 15 years, and welcoming Scott Wasserman, who will lead us going forward. What will not...
Jul 13, 2016
A critical opportunity exists to once again give consumers the right to band together to challenge corporations in court. Supreme Court rulings have allowed corporations to ban class-action lawsuits in the fine print of contracts. The rulings ...
Jul 8, 2016
Research consistently shows that raising the minimum wage has little to no negative effect on employment, even in the sectors most likely to hire minimum wage workers. In fact, research shows that increasing the minimum wage actually boosts job retention. Raising wages reduces costly employee turnover and increases productivity. This N...
Jul 5, 2016
A new report on the status of Social Security and Medicare programs shows that there has been almost no change in the status of Social Security in the last year. A shortfall still exists, according to the Trustees of the Social Security Trust Funds, but this shortfall remains...