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Apr 25, 2016
Our top priority this session, the Colorado Secure Savings Plan, is up for its first vote on Wednesday — in House Finance. Please help all workers save for retirement by contacting your representative today in support of the Colorado Secure Savings Plan (House Bill 16-1403).  In particular, we need yo...


Apr 27, 2016
Don't miss our new video on (loan) sharks at the Capitol! Today the Colorado Senate passed (18-17) Senate Bill 16-185, meaning some senators chose to support New York hedge...
Apr 21, 2016
The Colorado Senate faces a clear choice when it votes on Senate Bill 16-185. Protect Coloradans or support New York hedge funds. If this bill passes, it will raise interest rates on all supervised loans larger than $1,000. It als...
Apr 18, 2016
• Almost half of Colorado’s private-sector workers are not offered a retirement savings plan at work. • That leaves 753,972 Coloradans without access to the easiest and best way to save. Introduction In 2014, the Bell Policy Center released a report, Retirement at Risk, that used 2011-2013 data to show the extent to which Colorado workers ha...
Apr 14, 2016
Use our action alert to email your legislators now! In a session that’s supposed to be about protecting the middle class, Senate Bill 16-185 (Consumer Finance Charges Inflation Adjustment) would do exactly the opposite by raising the interest rates on what are called supervised consumer loans....
Apr 7, 2016
Helping Coloradans Work & Save What the bill does: The Colorado Secure Savings Plan (House Bill 16-1403) creates a public-private partnership allowing employees not currently offered ac...