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Sep 15, 2016
The Bell Policy Center identifies, researches and advocates for the ideas that build and sustain economic opportunity in Colorado. Each election cycle, we examine the statewide ballot measures and make recommendations based on the values that drive our work.  


Oct 26, 2016
How can state policy and advocacy groups expand access to skills, credentials and family-supporting careers, particularly for individuals and families facing barriers to economic opportunity? That was the focus of “Skills in the States: A Cross-State Forum for Policy, Advocacy, and Impact,” hosted by the National Skills Coalition in Detro...
Oct 21, 2016
The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has released new recommendations for the regulation of debt collection and debt-buying practices as part of the sunset review for the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (CFDCPA). DORA’s two main recommendations focus...
Oct 20, 2016
As your ballot arrives, check out our 2016 Ballot Guide to help you cast an informed vote. In the guide, you'll find our research team's analysis of each measure — what it would do, what proponents say, what opponents say and wh...
Oct 6, 2016
Our new research report discusses an important emerging strategy that helps low- to moderate-income families move out of poverty, known as a two-generation approach.  Our research focused on a specific aspect of the two-generation model — o...
Oct 14, 2016
A survey by the MacArthur Foundation found that most Americans continue to be pessimistic about upward economic mobility, and housing-related issues are central to their concerns. Data from the...