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Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Policy


colorado women future of work
The Future of Work: Implications for Colorado WomenWith more Colorado women in positions to change and lead state policy, there is a now real chance for issues affecting whole families, not just women, to finally be elevated in ways to address the demands that will soon be compounded by the economy of tomorrow.
Colorado Fiscal Policy Briefed by the Bell
Briefed by the Bell — Colorado Fiscal PolicySoon, Colorado will hit TABOR revenue caps. What does this mean for Colorado fiscal policy and what can we do to ensure all Coloradans benefit?
Colorado Middle Class Families
Colorado Middle Class Families: Characteristics & Cost PressuresA new study highlights a scary truth: Achieving a middle class lifestyle is impossible for most Colorado families with actual middle-income levels. Read the full findings now.
What Happened to Colorado's Middle Class?Research done for the Bell Policy Center shows "traditional success is unobtainable for families earning the median income, regardless of county, age of children, or year studied." 
colorado state income tax rate
Testimony: Oppose Reduction of Colorado State Income Tax RatePublic investments play a vital role in building and maintaining infrastructure, educating residents, and reducing the costs of services that help put opportunities for economic mobility within the reach of more families. The drastic cuts in revenue projected under HB18-1203 will make it even more difficult to help families get ahead.
stop digging, public investments
Stop Digging: Colorado Needs Strong Public InvestmentsWe need serious proposals that will ensure economic growth for every Coloradan, not bumper-sticker bills designed to make out-of-state funders happy. Our message to legislators is ‘put down the shovel.’
colorado's economy
Colorado's Economy: Strong Yet UnevenWhile Colorado's economy may be strong, uneven growth throughout the state, an uptick in low-wage jobs and industries, and continued wealth and income inequality mean not everyone is benefitting.
Guide to Economic Mobility in ColoradoWe can raise the economic floor, build a diverse and thriving middle class, and embrace innovation in Colorado, but we need facts and ideas to change our trajectory. This guide provides just that.
colorado public investments
On The Chopping Block: Colorado Public InvestmentsToday, the share of Colorado’s economy invested in public services aimed at expanding opportunity is a smaller portion than at almost any time in the past 40 years.
Colorado's demographics
Colorado's Demographics: An Older, More Diverse StateBecause Colorado's demographics affect so much of how our state operates, it’s imperative to recognize how these elements play into the vision of economic opportunity.
Taxman Podcast
About That "Taxman" Podcast..."The Taxman" podcast by CPR is a Rorschach test: For those who know about TABOR’s perils, it affirms their opposition, and to those who support it, the piece serves to strengthen their view of anti-tax activists.  
TABOR: Restrictive Tax Limit Curbs Economic Mobility in ColoradoIn 1992, Colorado voters approved the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, a constitutional amendment designed to restrain growth in government. TABOR is the most restrictive tax and spending limitation in the country.
2016 Ballot GuideEach election cycle, we examine the statewide ballot measures and make recommendations based on the values that drive our work. Here is our take on 2016 ballot measures.
Understanding Colorado's Fiscal Challenges in 14 ChartsWe've created 14 charts to better explain the fiscal challenges Colorado faces.
Colorado's Fiscal Challenges in 12 ChartsWant to better understand how Colorado's budget works? Here are 12 charts to help navigate current imbalances and trends in Colorado's fiscal policy.
Colorado's Budget: In Plain TalkLearn the basics about Colorado's budget.
Undocumented Immigrants in Colorado: What They Cost, What They Pay"This analysis clearly shows claims that undocumented immigrants are the cause of our budget problems are way off base," said Rich Jones, director of policy and research.
Blueprint for Opportunity: Executive SummaryColoradans deserve a state government that will confront these challenges and help keep the American Dream alive for hardworking families.
Understanding Referendum CDue to the "ratchet effect" caused by the TABOR amendment, a bipartisan compromise was created, called Referenda C and D. This is what to know about Referendum C, which Colorado voters approved.
2005 Opportunity ReportWhat is opportunity? How is it generated and sustained in the 21st century? In this 2005 iteration of "Colorado: The State of Opportunity," the Bell seeks to answer these questions and more.