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Video tool kit: Discussion guide, PowerPoint and presentation handouts

Date: Jun 28, 2011


The Bell Policy Center has compiled a comprehensive set of tools to help individuals and groups use our video, Colorado's Budget: In Plain Talk, to have productive conversations and presentations.

These tools are handy and easy to use. They start with the basics and break down information into easy-to-manage pieces.

Our goal is to spark a critical statewide conversation about the state budget and our broken fiscal situation, and these tools can be used by individuals and small groups or in presentations for large audiences.

Above all, we want people to use the tools and share them. Please take a look, try them out – and then start talking.

Here's what you will find in the tool kit:

A Video Companion – Follows the narrative of the video and adds further information with simple charts and descriptions. For presentations, the companion goes step-by-step through information in the video to help lead a discussion. It also has useful discussion questions and FAQs to add to the conversation.

(Tips on printing: The video companion is laid out like a calendar and is intended to be bound at the top of the page.
• For one-sided copies, simply print under normal settings.
• If your printer allows two-sided copying, please select the following options from the print menu before printing: 1) "Landscape" orientation, 2) Two-sided printing, 3) "Top" binding position)

Companion PowerPoint – Presents charts, discussion questions and options from the Video Companion in a form that can be projected for an audience.

Presentation handouts – Two-page summary, FAQs and discussion items in one package so they can be easily distributed.

Spanish-language version of video

Spanish-language version of discussion guide

We can customize the presentation for your group!

The staff of the Bell welcomes the opportunity to work with groups to create customized discussion guides highlighting issues important to specific sectors and organizations. The video also can be tagged with a group's website at the end. We hope that this customization will help make the video and conversations more relevant, tangible and motivational to specific audiences.

Partner videos available for downloading

Please contact Abigail Hinga at (303) 297-0456 or for more information.

Please report back to us if you use these tools!

Give us your feedback at

  • Are the video and tool kit helpful to you?
  • If you used these tools in a meeting or presentation, tell us where and when, how many people attended (and who they were), and anything else you think we should know.
  • What you think were the most effective and least effective parts of the video and tool kit.
  • Are there any questions that the tool kit didn't help you answer adequately?
  • Are there other resources that would be helpful?

All of this information will help us do the best job we can, and we will try to get back to you quickly if you have specific questions.