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Interactive website shows history and effects of inequality

The United States has become increasingly unequal in terms of income, wages, wealth and opportunity. Inequality is real and has harmful consequences for the ability of hardworking Americans to attain self-sufficiency and pass through the Bell's nine gateways to opportunity. We believe that America's growing economic inequality isn't natural or inevitable but rather created through policy decisions and therefore reversible through them as well.

Our friends at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) have released a fantastic interactive website,, which presents facts and figures about economic inequality in 21st century America. The researchers at EPI have made the key details clear and accessible to everyone. We think you'll like it.

The site contains sections that examine several inequality-related topics. For example, Inequality is Personal allows you to input your age, gender, race and level of educational attainment to find out just how much inequality is costing you. You can also see how much you would be earning if wages had grown in pace with productivity over the last several decades. Inequality is Created presents a short video in which former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains the factors that have caused the divide between the wealthy and the poor to widen in recent generations.

Under the Inequality is Fixable section, EPI offers broad policy suggestions for addressing economic inequality, such as improved labor standards, greater tax fairness, and enhanced financial regulation. For example, in passing the Working Families Economic Opportunity Act, the General Assembly enacted tax credits that are proven to be highly effective mechanisms for lifting people out of poverty and addressing inequality.

– Alec Arellano