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Gateway 2: A Safe and Stimulating Early Childhood

A child who is nurtured emotionally and stimulated intellectually during the first years of life is much more likely to develop the self-confidence and cognitive abilities that will lead to greater opportunities throughout life.

A safe and stimulating early childhood sets the stage for success during the first years of school, when a child begins accumulating the tools needed to succeed academically and to take on the increasingly complex challenges of life.

Those who do not experience safe or stimulating early childhoods – or, worse yet, suffer emotional or physical abuse or neglect – are less likely to be prepared to enter school and are more likely to suffer academic and emotional problems that can inhibit later successes.

Indicator 1: Children living in poverty or low-income families
Family economic security is an important part of a stable home environment.

Indicator 2: Children with health insurance coverage
Having health insurance increases the likelihood that children will receive quality health care.

Indicator 3: Quality and affordable child care
Safe and affordable child care is critical for working mothers and families, and quality child care and education improves a child’s readiness for school.

Indicator 4: At-risk kids served by the Colorado Preschool Program
The Colorado Preschool Program is proven effective for preparing low-income children for school.

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