AUTHORS: Freda Hawver Pachter | The Bell Policy Center

AUTHORS: Freda Hawver Pachter

An older man called the Colorado Medicaid Nurse Advice Line. He wanted to talk about a rash on his body, but the experienced nurse who answered the call, Jennifer Hogestad, was having a difficult time understanding him. She asked the man if anyone else in his...
Our newly released Opportunity Handbook provides policy suggestions for some of the most important problems facing Colorado today. Take a look for key data points and analysis from our experts.
The 98-year-old woman stands inside her screen door waiting for visitors at the white brick Denver home where she has lived for nearly 60 years. Long braids give Lometa Gaskin a girlish look as a big smile spreads across her face. Two young women from the nearby Volunteers of America Colorado Branch...
Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute doesn't just grow businesses, it grows communities. 
Feb 3, 2017
As Colorado grapples with a growing population of seniors, leaders from CLUB 20, Western Colorado’s advocacy group, hosted a panel Friday on how our state can better meet the needs of older Coloradans. The Bell’s Natalie O’Donnell Wood spoke at the panel at the Capitol about the Secure Savings Bill. The measure, which is expected to be introduce...
Jan 31, 2017
Sunshine Home Share is a nonprofit that matches seniors with room in their homes to seniors who are looking for affordable housing and some supportive services. 
At the Bridge Project, Randy Ho, 20, received tutoring, mentoring, motivation and inspiration that helped him embrace every opportunity that came his way.  
Nov 16, 2016
Over 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, and they are becoming more and more likely to spend their retirement years in poverty. The Center for American Progress reports that growing numbers of seniors are experiencing mater...