Since 2000, the Bell Policy Center has worked to advance economic opportunity in Colorado. Today, we seek to answer a critical question:
In a state that boasts one of the best economies in the country, why do so many feel unable to get ahead? 

Despite our state’s growing prosperity, Coloradans feel stuck. To address this economic anxiety and find answers for families and communities, we have sharpened our vision to meet the moment: Our mission is to ensure economic mobility for every Coloradan.  

Through research, outreach, and advocacy, the Bell Policy Center identifies the challenges threatening Coloradans’ ability to get ahead and stay ahead and amplifies progressive solutions that work for real Coloradans. We are focused on raising the economic floor, building a diverse and thriving middle class, and sparking innovative ideas to prepare us for the future.

We’re committed to putting important resources at your fingertips, providing expert insights to thought leaders and policymakers, and engaging with communities, activists, and partner groups to best understand what Coloradans need to achieve economic mobility.

Over the years, we’ve done that by fighting for TABOR reforms, new programs in our education system, higher wages for workers, advancements in human services, and better consumer protections for Coloradans. Today, we focus on the core challenges facing Coloradans: rising costs, shrinking public investment, and a growing predatory economy that takes advantage of them.

As we continue our commitment to economic mobility, you’ll find the Bell Policy Center:  

  • In the conversation: The Bell informs and shapes the debate on economic mobility by offering research and perspective to media, partner groups, opponents, and thought leaders.  
  • At the ballot: Advocacy efforts led by the Bell put important policies on the ballot, giving Coloradans the power to secure economic opportunity with their votes.  
  • At the legislature: Elected leaders rely on the Bell’s unique insights on economic mobility, often looking to the Bell to better understand their communities’ needs. We advance legislation and assist coalition partners with their goals.
  • In the community: The Bell connects with local leaders and residents from communities across Colorado through outreach events and educational meetings, and also builds strong coalitions to elevate these voices. 

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